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Up to Your Ears in Alligators?

23 Mar

Up to Your Ears in Alligators?

Sometimes it Feels Like This, Doesn’t It?
When I talk with individuals about the stress and confusion, frustration and anxiety they are experiencing in their daily lives, we review an important checklist: Number One Item: Are you too involved in being concerned about the BEHAVIOR of another individual? If so, remember that “We are only responsible for OUR OWN BEHAVIORS.” Minding others’ business is a huge stressor in our lives! How can we possibly know what is best for others? We only know what is best for US.
Just for Today, let’s shoo those ‘Alligators’ away and know that they don’t have to exist when we are only concerned about our own actions, business, and behaviors!
Have a peaceful and stress-free day!


The Art of the Reframe

4 Nov

Do you look at a glass as ‘half empty” or “half full”?  The main difference is the ‘Art of the Reframe”.

Do you ever try a ‘frustration-level check”? Something is bothering you but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  You realize you have been looking at life through ‘grey colored glasses”.

Just for today, instead of viewing something from a negative point of view (half empty), try reframing it to consider the positive side of the situation (half full.)  It takes practice but as you become more proficient at this skill, you will feel better about life in general and will increase your coping abilities in situations beyond your control. Reframing a situation is so much easier!

“Twixt the optimist and pessimist

The difference is droll

The optimist sees the doughnut

But the pessimist sees the hole.”      ……McLandburgh Wilson b.1892