Kathleen (Kathi) Madison, Licensed Professional Counselor

My counseling mantra is ‘you have the answers within yourself’ and I work as a facilitator to help you lay out the roadmap to a healthier state of mind. Working with a counselor takes courage and commitment but the end result is almost always rewarding, positive and refreshing.

I have an active face to face practice in Bluffton, South Carolina and also a successful online counseling practice through Find-A-Therapist.com and AsktheInternetTherapist.com. My clients are located all over the world!

I specialize in anxiety; depression; PTSD; pre-marital, marriage and relationship therapy; adjustments and transitions in life; ADHD;  ADD;  career decisions;  grief and loss; gender issues; mood and personality disorders; and sports psychology. I have produced self-hypnosis tapes for purchase on my web site at Find-A-Therapist.com.

I am also a Certified South Carolina Family Court Mediator in divorce and child custody issues.




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