What Method of Talk Therapy is Best for Me?

12 Apr

Announcement: The stigma has vanished for individuals who want to ‘talk out their issues.’

Being able to talk to someone who is clinically trained can help us lift a mood and see things more clearly. We can also work on some bothersome behaviors.

For those who live near their favorite therapist/counselor, a face-to-face psychotherapy practice is best. But for many reasons, people often choose other methods of delivery for therapy. Those methods are email sessions, telephone sessions, video conferencing on some favorite methods (Skype, for example), and private chatroom sessions. Couples and family sessions can also be accomplished on most of these methods.

Today, I’d like to talk about Email Counseling Sessions with your favorite therapist.

Email sessions are easy for some because all that is necessary is to write out the issue. As a therapist, I believe it is wise to keep a daily journal. This practice helps us organize our thoughts and express and release emotions when not in our session. From that point, the therapist will respond.

We’ll talk more about other delivery methods in some of the next blog posts.

For those interested in talk therapy, please email me for details. KathiCounselor@aol.com or KathiCounselor@gmail.com. I can be found through some major psychotherapy and counseling sites if you wish to Google Kathleen R. Madison, LPC.

Today you might wish to participate in some homework I’ve challenged my face-to-face clients:

Make a Gratitude List and add two items to it daily. Write all the things you are grateful for today. Research has shown that the happiest people are those who freely express gratitude.

Kathi M.


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